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  • What is the turn around time?
    Turn around times are as follows: Website designs: 7-14 business days Logo designs: 3-5 business days All other designs including flyers: 2-3 business days
  • What is the price for a rush project?
    The fee for a guaranteed 48-hour turn-around time is $25.00 per design excluding taxes. The fee for a guaranteed 24-hour turn-around time is $50.00 per design excluding taxes.
  • How do I place a graphic order?
    You may place an order one of two ways: 1. You can order on our "Order Now" form under our graphic design tab where you will be able to insert all of the needed project and contact information. 2. If you are ordering a design or custom retainer/package that is not listed on the website, you can send your information/request via email to and we will send over an invoice to your preferred email. Please include your name and phone number along with your request.
  • What if I have more than one image to upload?
    If you have more than one image you want included in your project, you can send the rest of the images along with the name of your project via email to
  • Do I have to send information for each of the projects included in the packages at the same time?
    You sure don't! All of the included projects do not have to be submitted all at once. You may choose when to send in the information for each of your projects anytime within the next 60 days after your package purchase, or anytime throughout the month for the monthly retainers.
  • What is the refund and cancellation policy?
    Information on our refund and cancellation policy for both graphic design and photography can be found in our up to date Terms and Conditions located at the bottom of our site.
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